Finding that resistance in Russia is not talk.

Finding that resistance in Russia is not talk.

Can't resist doing this immediately.

There is a second front formally opened in what was called the War in Ukraine.

Spent all morning trying to keep up with the flurry of posts in Russian, from both Russians and Ukrainians seemingly physically located in a region of Ukraine far from the South. And from Russians in places with names like Belgorod and Bryansk.

Just trying to get some understanding of things.

Someone posted on some goings on in Belgorod. Video of a helicopter flying overhead apparently causing some confusion amongst residents of the area. The video showed up on a couple of different accounts, with pretty much the same comments. No one understood what was happening, seeing this military equipment in their area.

There are two distinct military units comprised of Russians and Belorussians who soon after the war in Ukraine began, defected to the Ukrainian side to gain support for their 'war' against Putin. Started with less than a hundred people, and now are comprised of thousands of mostly Russian speaking soldiers with apparently a specialty in irregular warfare.

It's already in the news of today that they crossed over the border from Ukraine to strike targets in Russia. Not on the behalf of Ukraine, but in the name of the "Russian Volunteer Corps" and the "Freedom of Russia Legion".

There has been an ongoing low grade war being waged within Russia for almost the entire year since Russia invaded Ukraine. And to a much smaller less than lethal degree, also in Belarus. The affects of this internal war show up as 'unexplained' explosions, continual train derailments, arson of facilities, major fires. And in a few instances the successful targeting of individuals inside of Russia.

None of this is being carried out by Ukrainians. And none of it is part of Ukraine's effort to end the destructive occupation by Russia. Ukrainians have stuck to the agreement to not use western weapons to target areas physically within Russia. And there is no factual basis at this point, no proof to date, that the Ukrainians have not lived up to their promise.

The forces entering Russia, sometime within the past few hours announced to the Russian citizens that they should stay in their homes and not resist and that they should not be afraid. Meanwhile, the Freedom of Russia Legion, fighting on the side of Ukraine, recorded a video message calling on Russians to fight for a Russia free of Putin.

It will be interesting over the next few hours to observe how the Russian people react to the presence of these Russian soldiers.

Anyway. It'll make it's way to the news within a few hours or days.