Humvee gunner in Ukraine runs out of .50 cal ammo, switches to rockets

A video shows a unit made up of foreigners and Ukrainians as they attack a Russian-held village in Ukraine. The footage appears to come from the helmet camera of a Humvee gunner, who speaks English with an American accent.


In the video, the gunner’s Humvee comes very close — perhaps within 100 yards — of a cluster of houses, from which he can see the muzzle flashes and hear enemy weapons firing at him. After firing several bursts at one of the buildings, the gunner runs through his ammunition, and he starts screaming “ammo!” repeatedly to his comrades inside the Humvee. Instead of the .50 caliber ammunition he wants, they hand him an AT4 rocket launcher, which he immediately aims and fires.


Afterward, the gunner makes it explicitly clear to the others in the Humvee that he needs more .50 cal ammo, but they hand him another AT4, which he barely manages to aim before firing with all the rounds impacting around him. Eventually, the gunner’s comrades hand him a belt of ammunition, and when he starts firing again, an enemy rocket zips by, narrowly missing him.


This is a greatly shortened version of the video. A longer version of the video is at the twitter account link above. Or optionally an even longer version at the dark web account http://33d3mirws55japt5b7xybfkvptvaejc6cngctakacepod22jrt2twpyd.onion